I recently came to the conclusion that the Toyota Prius fits in anywhere. This may not be particularly revelatory to you, but it is to me, as I'm often thinking of a car that really and truly fits in anywhere -- whether a wealthy neighborhood, a low-income area, the highway, the inner city, an airport parking garage, a suburban kids' baseball game, the gym, the office, whatever. And surprisingly, few cars actually fit this definition. 
For instance, drive a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and you'll likely be waved right through the front entrance to a gated community -- even if you don't happen to live there. But, you'd stand out if you drove it to a shipping dock or a rough neighborhood. That same rough neighborhood wouldn't think twice if you were cruising around in a Mitsubishi Mirage, but that car might solicit skeptical glances from wealthy people or even suburb dwellers not accustomed to seeing small, city-friendly little cars.
But the Toyota Prius unites us all.
It doesn't matter where you live. There are Priuses there -- and even used Priuses. Wealthy environmentalists love used Priuses because they get good gas mileage -- but also because they don't involve replacing your car often, which is less wasteful. Everyone else loves Priuses for the obvious reason: They're cheap to own, thanks to great gas mileage and affordable used pricing. You see them on highways, you see them as Ubers, you see them as family cars, in the suburbs, in the city, as taxis -- basically everywhere.
Indeed, if you ever want to blend in, the Prius is your car. It may not be fast, or exciting, or enjoyable, but it's practical, it's effortless, and it truly won't get you a second glance, no matter where you drive. And there's something nice about that anonymity.-
 by Doug DeMuro January 2020